The Working Space that Pioneers Excellence

Brilliant Interior Design Brings Teams Together

How much more would your people achieve if their working space fostered innovation, encouraged collaboration, boosted wellbeing, and improved productivity?

The modern office is a cultural hub. It’s the focal point for lively, distributed teams who work collaboratively between home, office, café, and park bench. So we design your working environment to be your corporate soul – a place where your colleagues gather to share your vision, ambition, and purpose.

We create offices that champion creativity, lift wellbeing, and drive collective productivity. These multi-layered workspaces strengthen team spirit, unlock new opportunities, and encourage social interaction. They include areas for entertaining clients, for generating ideas, and for working quietly on the detail that makes it all happen.

Our workspaces nurture talent, connect colleagues, and unite teams; they turn office days into the best days of the week.

Need a working space that helps your team to greater success?


Employee Experience
People perform better in spaces they love; where the mood fosters innovation, collaboration, and wellbeing. For Blue Light Card, we created an ethos-driven workspace that celebrates the work of its customers, while providing lively break-out zones for colleagues. For Behrens, we introduced light and space while breaking down the physical barriers separating teams. And for Deckers, the Californian footwear brand, we designed European HQs steeped in the relaxed West Coast vibe that drove the brand to success. In offices like these, employees feel a connection to each other and to their shared corporate vision.
Corporate Identity
When a brand and its working environment are in sync, the brand comes to life for your team. This was the idea behind the office we designed for Imperial Corporate Events. ICE’s space created a sense of family: a single team united in the pursuit of glory. For Deckers’ two European HQs the need was different. Deckers wanted international cultural cohesion, so we brought the brand’s anything’s-possible, Californian entrepreneurialism into its European workspaces. A third approach brought humanity to the double-height, glass and metal box that was Blue Light Card’s office. We did it by weaving brand values into the fabric of the building.
Space Planning
If you rethink your space, you can get more out of it. When Behrens asked us to make its two-storey office more collaborative, we carved a void in the slab between the two floors. We let in light, air, and connectivity. Formica’s two-storey, pop-up showroom was a different challenge. It had to be a brilliant showcase for the brand, yet be modular and demountable for potential use elsewhere. When Blue Light Card moved into a double-height, glass and metal box, we made the space more human. We gave it warmth and personality; we made the building live and breathe brand values. These are the win-win spaces that improve productivity and staff wellbeing.

Case Studies

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams