Inspiring Guests To Live Life in the Moment

Fulfilling the Promise of Food, Drink, and Hospitality

Leisure time is precious. Moments of downtime should be moments of pure joy, spent in spaces where guests feel at one with your brand and their friends, or at ease in their own private thoughts.

These are the immersive hospitality or leisure spaces in which guests wind down, socialise, or hang out with the gang – destinations they’ll return to time after time.

In a competitive world, customers are overwhelmed with choice about where to spend their leisure time – about where to eat, drink, and play. So we create the irresistible, brand-expressive environments that keep them coming back. We create hospitality and leisure environments that encourage people to laugh and relax, to eat and drink well, or simply be themselves for a few glorious hours.

Our job is to understand your brand, then turn your vision into an inviting physical space. We can do it all: reimagine an existing hospitality brand or bring a digital brand or ghost kitchen to life in an anything’s-possible world of bricks and mortar.

In need of a leisure space that delights your customers?


Cafes and Bars
Nothing prompts spontaneity like the chance to pop into a bar or cafe. It’s leisure design for spur-of-the-moment action. If your guests love the vibe, they’ll stay. And come back, time after time. So we design immersive spaces, relaxed enough for an hour’s downtime or fizzing with so much brand energy, they sustain laughter and conversation late into the night. Boo, the disruptive burger brand, is the essence of this drop-in approach: light, airy, practical, and endlessly appealing to passers-by. The cafe in our Virgin First-Class lounge was at once relaxed and businesslike, while the cafe in the Lyle & Scott flagship store gave customers an opportunity to interact with the brand and fellow fans on a deeper level.
Great food deserves a great space – one that adds to the theatre of the serve, the flavours on the plate, and the conversation round the table. These are the restaurants where food, guests, and interior design are in perfect harmony. Our restaurant designs do far more than capture guests’ imagination. We design in effortlessness for customers and staff. For Filthy Wings, there’s digital ordering and a clear separation between leisurely dine-in guests and in-and-out takeaway guests. While at Boo, guests can see exactly what the kitchen team are cooking. Filthy Wings revels in its dark, naughty-or-nice vibe while Boo is light, airy, and ready for local design variations. Both immerse their guests in the brand promise.

Case Studies

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.
David Hicks - English Interior Designer