Create a Retail Wonder Land

Where Dreams Take Shape

Retail design is an exercise in escapism. You give your customers a space to dream, to experiment, and to understand what your brand stands for.

A great retail space exudes excitement. This finely tuned blend of theatre, psychology, and magic increases dwell time, lifts average spend, and strengthens the connection between brand and customer. It’s a concept we understand well because, for more than a decade, we’ve been doing the original thinking and analysis that drives these powerful, multisensory retail environments.

Around the world, our concepts for store designs, pop-ups, shop-in-shop, brand activations, and product launches charm, thrill, and invite customers to share brand purpose.

For start-up retailers and seasoned global players, we’ve designed and rolled out retail spaces across the UK and the world. Anything from city-centre flagships to intriguing, one-off pop-ups that reverberate across social media. Our work reaches out across channels to include the digital connections that merge physical and online retail into a single, immersive experience.

Can we turn a retail space into your retail wonderland?


This is the full brand experience, a space dedicated to everything that makes you unique – your product range, your service standards, your sense of mischief, your ability to make customers feel like this is their natural home. A full-store design is a physical expression of the ideals that you and your customers share: a rules-breaking space where your tribe comes together to be themselves, the prototype for a string of brand-expanding openings, or a one-off consultation zone that’s like nowhere else on earth. Whatever you want from your full-store design, we will turn that raw wish list into your own retail wonderland.
Every great idea has its moment. And every well-chosen moment deserves its own sparkling retail expression – a retail campaign that feels absolutely right. Right place, right time, right audience. In a fast-moving world, opportunities for retail campaigns fall warm, welcome, and often. They tap into global sporting events, inspire collaborations with retail partners, or seize the moment in ways that change consumer perceptions. Whenever or wherever we install them, our retail campaigns capture consumer imaginations. They bring an idea to life; they get people talking; they spark hashtags, likes, and sales.
Good news travels fast … when presented so imaginatively it gets people sharing. That’s the secret to a great product launch: a story told so well it spurs TikTokers and Instagrammers into action. Our launch campaigns fizz with activity – with live events, digital content, desirable merchandise, and influencers who can’t resist getting stuck in. That’s how we tease media interest in basketball sneakers or ice cream. We’ve even created our own virtual influencers. Nike’s illustrated influencers captured the culture and style of the Jordan community so effectively, fans ordered the clothes directly off their digital backs.
Brand activation – a grand term for getting your name out there … for making a far bigger noise than anyone else … for being the one brand everyone is talking about. Generating that level of retail energy takes some thinking and planning. We need to know the brand and the audience, and we need a big idea that cuts through the clamour. For Timberland, we blended American heritage with a European love of urban adventure; for Crocs, we created a string of immersive European instore events; and for Rodd & Gunn, we tapped into the zeitgeist surrounding an autumn of international rugby. For a few exuberant weeks, those three retail brands were inescapably front of mind.
A great pop-up makes brilliant use of empty space, a void in the calendar, or a gap in the local retail scene. The best are so successful, they last well beyond their planned end date. We love the challenge of creating something out of nothing – of generating a few weeks or months (sometimes years) of magic. The pop-up we designed for Heals in Birmingham became a semi-permanent two-year fixture. In London’s Clerkenwell, we built a reusable, modular pop-up showroom for Formica. For Nike’s four-venue European sports-bra pop-up (with supporting end-to-end omnichannel journey) proved so compelling, the brand added another five venues

Case Studies

Details are not details; they make the product.
Charles Eames - German-born American Interior Designer