Styling a Disruptive Burger Brand

The Challenge

Design an all-inclusive retail format that’s the blueprint for national expansion for a disruptive burger brand.

Our Response

A transparent, light-filled environment that draws on influences from urban culture and boutique fashion retail, puts the kitchen centre-stage, and makes a hero of the food.

Long Story Short

Boo’s first step beyond its home in central Leicester had to be right: a complete look and feel for a burger brand that the Boo team could take anywhere, and which would mark them out as different. 


We took inspiration from Boo’s urban roots, their faith, and boutique fashion style to create a retail concept that’s uniquely Boo. In this light and airy, see-what-you-get restaurant, the food and the kitchen are the heroes of the space. But nothing here looks quite like anywhere else. With our help, Boo became the fast-growing, stand-out brand that’s as proud and confident as its high-stacked burgers. 

The Finer Details

When we met Boo, they were a tightly focused, family-run, urban burger brand on the cusp of expansion. They had one outlet in central Leicester – and big plans for growth. To build on what they’d already achieved, Boo needed a complete retail concept for a second outlet in a new food court at Fosse Park, an out-of-town retail park just off the M1. 


The brief was wide-ranging and exacting (everything from signage to seating to social media) and open-ended in that the retail format should be versatile enough to admit local variations. The team wanted Boo to stand apart from the burger format, to be instantly identifiable, and yet visibly different in every location. 


Through a series of workshops, we teased out the Boo vision and the brand fundamentals. Then we set about mapping the guest journeys for a wide range of diners: families who want to eat in, singles who want to work while they eat, and the army of delivery drivers and takeaway customers who want to be in and out in seconds. Our retail layout has space for them all to come and go as they please, and to see exactly what’s cooking. In this light-filled restaurant, food transparency and hero-worship are one and the same thing. You can watch in awe as your meal comes together. 


To maintain consistency across all touch points and pave the way for further expansion, we also created a toolkit style guide covering details such as photography and graphics. One other vital element of the concept was a prayer room for Muslim staff and guests. The Boo team keeps their faith at the core of their business. 


When Boo opened in Fosse Park in 2021, there were queues at the door and masses of positive media coverage. It was a sign of things to come. Our concept is now in Nottingham, Loughborough, and Abu Dhabi, and Boo has several more cities in its sights. The disruptive burger brand is carving out its niche across the UK. 

Project Deliverables

Creative concepts
Strategy & insights
Technical design
Project management