Imperial Corporate Events

An Upbeat, Motivational Working Space

The Challenge

Capture an organisation’s youth, energy, and team spirit through the design of its working environment.

Our Response

An open-plan design to motivate the team, collectively and individually, based on primary colours and the inspirational language of the management team.

Long Story Short

Moving to bigger offices is an opportunity to refocus on company values and make even more of the culture that brings growth and success. The events agency Imperial Corporate Events was eager to seize on that opportunity; it wanted to surround itself in energy, team spirit, and motivation.

So we filled their airy, open-plan space with youthful colour and inspirational quotations. There’s a central zone for the serious work of telesales surrounded by playful areas for winding down or informal meetings. The building is at once fun and purposeful – a family space for a single-minded team focused on collective success.

The Finer Details

Some organisations exude energy and an unstoppable can-do attitude. The events agency Imperial Corporate Events (ICE) is one of them. When it moved to bigger offices on a single floor in Leicester, it wanted an interior to reflect its personality, to motivate the team, and to continue the run of success that prompted the move.

So we sat down with the senior team to tease out the culture and values that make ICE tick. Those conversations prompted a design filled with youthfulness, optimism, and energy for an organisation that encourages its team to understand how their input builds towards the company’s goals and strategy.

Our concept uses vibrant colour, glazing tints, and inspirational ICE quotations to fill the space with an upbeat, anything’s-possible vibe. It’s an extraordinarily cost-effective way to generate impact and maximise budget value.

For team talks and get-togethers, we installed simple tiered seating and a small, light-hearted dais, and used louvered partitioning to create a sound barrier between the central telesales area and the surrounding social and break-out zones. Everything in this open-plan space works to pull the team together to focus on the task ahead and to clearly delineate the transition from work to more playful community areas and ICE’s branded pool table.

The ICE office creates a sense of family: one team united in the pursuit of glory. In this upbeat space, there’s no doubt that team members are here to work hard, play hard, and live life to the full.

Project Deliverables

Creative concepts
Technical design
Project management