Lyle & Scott

A Flagship Brand Space for Conversation and Interaction

The Challenge

Create an experiential retail concept that offers customers more than straightforward retailing.

Our Response

A design concept that stimulates interaction, conversation, and brand discovery as well as providing opportunities to buy.

Long Story Short

There’s always more to a brand than the simple transactional business of retailing. But few are willing to take the plunge and devote valuable selling space to the broader benefits of brand experience. One brand that likes to think more imaginatively is leisure-wear retailer, Lyle & Scott (L&S). It wanted more from its Edinburgh flagship store: an experience that would mark it out from its competitors.

So, we added a coffee bar, a barber’s, and a tailoring and customisation service. We created space for customers to stop and think, to chat or watch the footie. In the Edinburgh store, L&S brand values and heritage shine through. The store provides meaning and context: it adds long-term value to the clothing range. 

The Finer Details

Lyle & Scott (L&S) is a heritage clothing brand that teams quality with youthful street style. It’s been providing brilliant casual wear since 1874 and has built an eclectic fan base ranging from royals to rock stars.

We’d been working with L&S for more than five years, designing its Cheshire Oaks outlet store and supporting retail expansion into Europe, then the brand asked us to think about its flagship store in Edinburgh. Since our relationship had already become more strategic, we were well aware of what the brand stood for and where it was going.

Although L&S expected its flagship store to perform financially, it wanted more from this space: something that would be interactive, experiential, and distinctively different from other retailers.

Our idea was to give customers an experience that was thoughtful yet complementary – a space that would prompt conversation, interaction, and deeper brand engagement. The experiential elements would need space, of course, so we agreed to devote 25% of the shoppable retail area to activities such as grabbing a cup of coffee, chatting, or watching the football. Within that free space, we placed a coffee bar, a barber’s shop, and a bespoke L&S tailoring and customisation service.

The complementary aspects of these services are fundamental to the concept. They turn the Edinburgh store into a destination in which visitors can immerse themselves in the brand. Storytelling design elements, such as versions of the L&S eagle (in paint, mosaic, and relief) and snippets of L&S history, deepen the sense of brand immersion. And a sympathetic treatment of the existing building structure using simple, honest materials helps ground the brand in its location.

The concept worked: footfall and dwell time were up, as were sales and repeat business. In a single site, L&S has a flagship store and an uplifting brand experience.

Project Deliverables

Creative concepts
Technical design
Project management