Omnichannel Route to the Perfect Sports Bra

The Challenge

Help women instore and online find the perfect bra for their size and sport. 

Our Response

An educational and empowering pop-up instore display with app and microsite that helps women get the support they need for the sports they love. 

Long Story Short

Sports bra sizes and styles are notoriously difficult to get right. When research showed that many women do not know what to look for, Nike asked us to give their customers a helping hand: a pop-up discovery store with supporting digital tools.

So we took customers on journey of exploration to help them choose a size and style that would not compromise performance. We understood that wide variations in women’s body shapes and in the sporting activities they pursue made bra-choosing not just difficult, but potentially intimidating. So we built online and physical journeys that everyone could relate to. Our pop-up proved so popular, it toured nine stores instead of the four that were originally planned.

The Finer Details

Research undertaken by Nike showed that far too many women did not know their bra size, and that even more were unaware of the variety of sports bras available for different styles of activity. This wide-ranging lack of knowledge was an opportunity to educate women and help them find the sports bra that was right for their size and the activities they enjoy. 


So Nike asked us to create a complete end-to-end retail and digital journey to help women get the comfort and support they needed for their chosen sports. The retail element would take the form of a touring pop-up store to go in four European branches of Intersport.  


Our approach was about empowerment. We wanted to help women learn how to measure themselves and then zero in on the options that would help them perform at their best. They wouldn’t be alone of course; there would be instore bra experts to help any customer who needed it. 


The pop-up display was simple, inviting, and inclusive. We chose mannequins that reflected the range of women’s bodies, mounted them on plain white platforms, and added pot plants for a spot of green colour. Forget the unachievable ideals of high fashion; this was everyday sportswear for the joy and comfort of performing at your best. 


Every step of our journey of discovery was mirrored online through instore digital screens, a mobile app, and a microsite. The starting point was a bespoke tape measure and a step-by-step series of questions. The results led directly to Intersport’s ecommerce platform and a range of bras preselected for a customer’s size and sport. For those who wanted to try out bras instore, there were discrete, curtained changing rooms. 


The pop-up bra store was such a success, Nike and Intersport increased their European itinerary from four to nine stores. For women who wanted to get more out of their sports, our empathetic approach was spot-on.  

Project Deliverables

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